Protect your curls on wash day with a lightweight, cotton head wrap. These versatile head wraps can be used straight out of the shower or as a styling accessory once the hair is dry. Use them for plopping, micro-plopping, pineappling (is that a word? let's make it a word!), sun protection and so much more! Swap out those terry cloth towels or your old t-shirts for a lightweight cotton head wrap. 
Straight Out Of The Shower
These head wraps absorb excess water and minimize frizz while enhancing your hair's definition. After adding those gels, creams, or mouses to your hair, use this head wrap to plop or micro-plop while drying. 
Styling As A Hair Accessory
After the hair is dry, use the headwrap to keep your hair up in a pineapple or tie it as a headband. You could also add it to your ponytail or a half up-do to bring a different texture and pops of colour to the hair.

Mauvey Head Wrap

  • Ready to wash? Toss the head wrap into one of our mesh protective laundry bags. They're the perfect size for these 34" x 34" head wraps. Set your washer on delicate and on low heat in the dryer.