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Meet Neyna, The 'Married In Mexico' Groom

Meet Neyna, the 'Married In Mexico' groom. He came to us with a multicoloured, pattered necktie as inspiration for his wedding accessories.

He requested some styling assistance to ensure his groomsmen and him were all coordinated and comfortable in the warm weather, while wearing suits. After trying out a blue suit with a grey vest and vice versa, we decided on a three piece, light grey, light weight suit for Neyna. For his groomsmen, we decided to have them rock the same coloured suit, but without the jacket. Choosing to opt for a vest instead of a blazer is a great way to stay comfortable in warm weather and maintain a classy look.

Neyna requested that the entire groom party be coordinated with the same coloured pieces, but he wanted to stand out! With that, we were in search of the perfect blue. From there, we decided to create a traditional self-tie bowtie for the groom, paired with a double sided, blue and white square to match his bride, Kyana. For the reception, Neyna untied his bowtie, which created a very distinguished look. 

For the groomsmen, to have them match the bridesmaids and groom, we decided on a blue and pink necktie. The blue is the exact same colour as the groom's bowtie, the pink is the same tone as the bridesmaids dresses and the necktie option differentiates them from the groom.  

Review by the bride and groom:

"Navjot was very personable and professional throughout the entire pre wedding process. She brought to life the custom accessories idea I had imagined for myself and my groomsmen. I never had to worry about timeline because Navjot always provided status updates that removed any stress related wedding planning that you may typically have with some vendors. Both my groomsmen and myself were very satisfied with the quality and price of our custom wedding accessories. I would definitely recommend Nav K Collection to any one looking to do any custom accessories for themselves or wedding party." - Neyna Dansoh 

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