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Meet Blair, The 'Upholstery' Groom

Meet Blair, the 'Upholstery Groom'.

Blair came to us with a unique idea to add his love of upholstery to his wedding day bowties. While the bridesmaids wore different shades of blue, Blair found the same colours in upholstery fabric. 

Since that type of fabric is quite rigged, we decided to move forward with pre-tied bowties with a satin backing. By adding satin to each bowtie, it softened the look and made it easier for the band to move along the neck when clipping the bowtie.

Another reason Blair and the team decided to work with white satin is to match the bride and add hand stitched, monogramming to each bowtie. Monogramming is a great way to incorporate a personal touch to any piece. It's the perfect, simple and classy addition to any gift.

Review by the bride and groom;

"Our bow ties turned out beautifully! Nav always able to accommodate and work with our custom fabric and also stitched the grooms party initials, which added a nice personal touch. The bow ties really brought everything together for the wedding party look. Nav was super professional and very sweet. We couldn’t be happier." - Lisa and Blair 

Photography by Victor Lee Photography

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