handsewing a necktie in Toronto, Canada

The Custom Shop

Design Options + Pricing Tiers

Book a one-on-one session with our team today!

Step ONE

Choose The Product

Choose the product you want

to custom create, from ties, bowties, pocket squares, cufflinks, pins and more.

Step Two

Pick Your Style

Pick the style you prefer.

Whether it be a 360 style or our signature Dual style for more versatility and pop of colour.

Step Three

Select A Design

Work one-on-one with our design team - either select   from our catalogue or build a   pattern from scratch..

Step Four

Handpick The Fabric

Handpick from a variety of soft and luxurious silks, satins, cottons and linens, all printed in North America

Tier ONE

Readymade Fabrics

  • Design Option: Select from fabrics we       have readily available in our studio.

  • Time: Minimum of 7 days

  • Pricing: Base prices

Tier Two

Catalogue Design

  • Design Option: Select from a catalogue       of curated designs + fabric choices.

  • Time: Minimum of 21 days

  • Pricing: Base price + $20 flat fee 

Tier Three

Build Your Own Pattern

  • Design Option: Create your own custom design + fabric choices.

  • Time: Minimum of 28 days

  • Pricing: Base prices + $50 flat fee

We are a premium made-to-order + custom accessories shop.

Handcrafted in Ontario, Canada. Book a time to meet the team today!

Contact us today!  Email: hello@crownandcollar.com | Location Ottawa, Ontario

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